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Why am I no longer eligible for Member Night promotions?

If you miss a show or cancel after the cancelation window has closed, you will receive a "pardon." 

  1. Pardons add up over time. For example, if you have a Late Cancellation in September, and then have a No Show in October, you will have used up a total of 2 Pardons.
  2. Because late cancellations and no-shows have the potential to really hurt the Member Nights program, there are penalties which are meant to discourage you from accumulating them:
  • Patrons only have 6 Pardons to use in a twelve-month period
  • Savers only have 3 Pardons to use in a twelve-month period
  • All other members only have 2 Pardons to use in a twelve-month period

If you received a message saying you are ineligible for Member Nights, it means that you have used up your pardons, which is the sum of your “Late Cancellations” and your “No Shows.”  

Your Pardon count will be reset six months after we stopped sending you Member Nights privileges.

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