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How do I score a show?

It’s fun and easy to score a show!  When you do, your opinions appear alongside reviews from the professional critics.  On Show-Score, member reviews look like this when they are done:

1.  The Score

The score is a number between 1 and 100.  You set the score with a simple slider:

2.  The Adjectives

You choose up to 5 adjectives that describe your opinion about the show.  You can choose from a pre-set list, or type in your own word or phrase.

3.  The Phrases

Finally, you type two short phrases about the show: who WOULD like the show, and who would NOT?  This is important, because no show is perfect for everyone.  Something you love might be distasteful for someone else, or vice versa.  Theater is art, so it’s actually hard to say whether a show was “good” or “bad”.  It’s all a matter of taste!  Here’s your chance to help other people decide if this show is right for them.

4.  Have more to say?

You asked, we listened! Sometimes 140 characters are just not enough to express our love for the show. Just click on "Have more to say?" and another box opens up which allows you to express up to 1000 characters!

5.  Review and Publish!

It’s very easy to edit your review, either before you publish it or anytime afterwards. Simply click on the notepad and pencil icon. If all looks great - hit Publish!

That's it! Keep on scoring shows!

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