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How can I make the most out of Show-Score?

Learn more about how you can use Show-Score to learn about shows, read reviews, buy tickets, and keep track of your favorite artists and companies. 

Find shows and read reviews
Everyone -- members and guests -- can browse shows, read critic and member reviews, watch video trailers, and explore useful categories and helpful articles on the site. 

Join the community
It's free to join Show-Score, and as a member of the site, you can:

  • Score and keep track of your favorite shows
  • Follow your favorite artists and companies to hear what they're doing next
  • Follow critics and members to discover new shows you might love

We'll describe how to do this below. 

Score a show
It’s fun and easy to score a show on Show-Score. Simply choose a number up to 100, choose five words to describe your experience, and then write two brief phrases about who would like this show and who might not. Find a step-by-step guide here.  

Save your shows
Save shows you're interested in seeing and get useful alerts when the show is about to open, about to close, or when it is reviewed by someone you follow. Alerts appear in your notifications on the home page, and also via email digests. Find a step-by-step guide here

Follow your favorite artists and theatre companies
Keep track of what your favorite artists and theatre companies are doing next in your website notifications and email digests. Step-by-step guide here.

Follow critics and members
Find out what your fellow theatre fans and favorite critics are seeing and learn what they think! In addition to the notifications on the website and email digests, it will generate recommendations for you at the top of your logged in homepage.  

Tell someone their review was helpful
Click on the "thumbs up" icon by a review you liked and let the writer know their review was helpful to you.

Report Abuse
Please report any member reviews that do not abide by our community agreements by clicking on the “flag” symbol by the member review.  After clicking on it, you’ll see a simple 1-page form. When you submit the form, the review will be taken off-line for further review by our member services team.

For instructions about using Show-Score, please visit our Help Article. Or send an email to (for US members) / (for UK members).

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