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Why are members invited to review during previews?

We understand that preview performances are a special time in the evolution of the production. While technically still in rehearsals, shows invite paid audiences to attend. In some cases, tickets are discounted during previews, but in many cases not. This is also the period where productions count on audiences to help build word-of-mouth buzz for the show. 

Because we serve an audience that is hungry to find the right show for them, we help them quickly learn about shows through our member reviews. Essentially, we are documenting word-of-mouth buzz to amplify the impact of the buzz to audiences who may not have discovered your show. 

To honor the unique phase in a show's process, we include a 'during previews' label, so everyone can see whether reviews were written during the preview period, and if they change over time. Once the show opens, we discount the weight of those reviews written in previews. 

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