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What can I do about a member review or score I disagree with?

Show-Score member reviews invite audience members to record their response to a show, articulating a score, five words to describe their experience, and a more detailed description of who would like the show and who might not. If a member gives the show a certain score, it is their response to the show and we will not ask them to change it. That said, we do require member reviews to abide by our site's Community Agreements in the writing of their reviews. If you believe, in good faith, that their review is inaccurate or that it doesn't meet our Agreements, you can click on the "Report" flag attached to the review. 

Should you choose to do so, please make note of why the review doesn't meet our Community Agreements. The review will immediately be removed from the site until it is reviewed by the Show-Score editorial team. Based on the team's analysis, the review will either stay down, be reinstated, or the reviewer will be invited to update the review to meet our Agreements. Please note that the team takes 2-3 business days to make its final decision. They will then either (a) contact you if they have more questions, (b) take down the review if new information changes the decision; or (c) keep the review up if we believe it meets our Community Agreements. Please note that all decisions made by Show-Score's editorial review team are final.

We encourage producers and presenters to invite audiences to score the show on Show-Score. However, please note that we ask makers involved with a production and their close friends and family to not review the show. 

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